1. Plastic massager,Plastic camping dishware - DINGFENG RUBBER & PLASTICS, sitemap, http://www.cn-dingfeng.com
NINGHAI DINGFENG RUBBER & PLASTICS PRODUCT CO.,LTD With a hundant technical personneland and highested desing level. We are one of specialized manufacturer and exporter of Plastic massager,Plastic camping dishware,LED candle light,wax candle light,Steel pipe rubber handle cover,Furniture rubber foot mat,furniture rubber foot cover,Plastic pencil sharpener.

2. Tyre Valves - Soong International Exports sitemap , http://www.chinasoong.com
Soong International Exports continues to stay successful by choosing unique durable products for exporting, utilizing widespread; networks built in China. Our businesses have been active in United States, Southeast, UAE and North America. Through strong relationship with the Chinese manufacturers. The product includes Tyre Valves,Tyre Repair Kits,Wheel Spacers,Electric Winch,Air Locker,Wheel Balancing Weights,Steel Wheels,Wheel Lug Nuts,Snorkel,Roof Top Tent.

3. Ice Cream MachineYuyao Yuzhou Refrigerative Equipment Co.,Ltd sitemap, http://www.ice-cream-machine.net/
Yuzhou Refrigerative Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of food processing machine such as Soft Ice Cream Machines,Ice Cream Makes,Soft Ice Cream Machine, Juice Dispensers and Slush Dispensers. All of the products have passed the CE certification. Our products have successfully entered into the market of Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America, Europe and Africa.

4. Thermal underwear - Ningbo Xinshujia Clothes Co., Ltd sitemap, http://www.ningbo-underwear.com
we are knitting wear manufacture, we produce knitting wear, including: thermal underwear,men's boxer,wool underwear,cashmere underwear,women underwear, underwear manufactory,underwear OEMS,knitting wear,brief boxer undershirt,sport wear,house wear,casual wear,coat, underwear, t-shirts and so on.

5. Traffic Barrier,Water Filled Barrier ,Traffic security products - Ningbo Chuangxin Traffic Facilities Technology Company sitemap,http://www.traffic-facilities.com/
Chuangxin is one of traffic facilities specialized manufacturer and exporter of Road Barrier,Water Filled Barrier,Traffic Barrier,Road Block,Jersey Barrier,Traffic Separator,Raised Pavement Marker,Solar Road Stud,Warning Marking Barrel,Warning Triangle,Warning Post,Anti Dazzle Board,Delineator,Traffic cone,Road Stud,Traffic facilities,flexible road barrier Traffic Safety products and Traffic safety cones,traffic security products, traffic safety products,road stud,guardrail_reflector, flexible post, rubber speed bump,mushroom barrel,road barrier, guiding column,solar road stud,car stoppers.

6. Permanent magnet,NdFeB magnets,Neo magnets 每 Jinji Strong Magnetic Material sitemap. http://www.jjmagnet.com
Our Products:Permanent magnet,NdFeB magnets,Neo magnets,Magnets,Neodymium magnets,Magnetic material,Rare earth magnet,Industrial magnets,NdFeB,Sphere magnets,SmCo magnets,AlNiCo magnets,Sintered NdFeB,Motor magnets,Loudspeaker magnets,Relay magnet

7. Roller, Door roller,Trailer Roller 每 Ningbo Pulleydass Hardware . sitemap, http://www.pld-hardware.com
Pulleydass Hardware Manufacturer Co.,Ltd is one of specialized manufacturer and exporter of door &window roller,Pulley,Door hardware,bracket roller,trailer roller,mobile wall syster roller,plastic roller,zinc roller,special roller,plastic injection products,bolts

8. Sigma Paints - NingBo Joule Marine Coating Co., Ltd. sitemap,http://www.joulepaint.com/
NingBo Joule Marine Coating Co., Ltd.Engaged in sales and service of marine paint brands include:Sigma Paints,International Paints,Jotun Paints,Chugoku paints,Hempel paints. Products are mainly used in chemical tanker, oil tankers, bulk cargo ships hull shell, cargo area, pipes, water tank and oil tank area, outdoor deck and superstructure, such as the various parts of the hull corrosion, as well as outfitting parts, hatch covers etc. kinds of ship spare parts corrosion﹝

9. CFL lamps - NingBo United Lighting Industrial Co.,Ltd. Sitemap , http://www.nbunitedlighting.com
United Lighting is one of specialized manufacturer and exporter of CFL lamps,Fluorecent lamps,Ballasts & Electronic Transformers,LED Lighting,Lighting fixture,Outdoor lights

10. Barber Chair ,Shampoo Unit每 Sisale Trading Co., Limited. sitemap ,http://www.beimeng.net
NINGBO BEIMENG HAIRDRESSING IMPLEMENT CO.,LTD. Offer Barber Chair ,Shampoo Unit,Master chair.

11. Garden Furniture 每 HaiLian Fashion Products Co., Limited, sitemap , http://www.cnleisuregoods.com
HaiLian Fashion is one of specialized manufacturer and exporter of China Garden furniture set catalog and Garden furniture set manufacturer directory. Trade platform for China Garden furniture set manufacturers. Products for Garden Furniture,Garden Furniture Sets,Leisure chair,Flower cabinet,Hammock & outdoor bed,Garden umbrella,Leisure table,swing chair,Patio Furniture Sets.

12. Horse rug - Surpas Equestrian sitemap,http://www.cnequestrian.com
Equestrian items, horse blankets, leg bandage, horse rugs, saddle pads, grooming items, rider clothes, breeches, jodhpurs

13. DC Motor 每 Baiwei Electrical Appliance Co., LTD sitemap, http://www.basalmotor.com
Ningbo Jiangbei Minzheng Electron & Apparatus Factory, founded in 1992, mostly produces different kinds of massages and fitness equipment, small electrical appliances for kitchen and electric capstan machinery, especially electrical massage machinery, which has matched for the products of over 10 well-known production enterprises of fitness equipment in our country. In addition, our car machinery has also been the necessary second-level accessory for more than 10 domestic car factories and got a wonderful reputation. Made by Diameter SERIES MOTOR, Auto motor, DC Motor